About us

Hi, I’m Flora. And I’m Leandro. We started traveling together since before our wedding and since then we haven’t stopped. The idea of ​​the next trip added to the memories of the others, are the main factor of significance for everything we do. And happiness too. We have learned that we know very little about the world and people. We have learned to respect and admire differences.

We learned that there are infinite points of view and we challenge ourselves to find as many of them as possible. This blog was created, first, for our own benefit. Through it we will be able to relive experiences that cannot be forgotten. Editing this space and choosing photos and words are a way to revisit places and sensations. Afterwards, it has been amazing to share reports and tips with so many nice people and, finally, to receive back and in exchange your experiences and thus never end the learning cycle.

Traveling and making our exchange here makes us go back to being a child, when the world is giant and everything is new, waiting to receive meaning. No vices, no prejudices and especially no apathy.

Glad you’re here.